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Ethel Murray
Ethel Murray

Murray Upper, Australia

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Limited Edition Screen Print


This dingo has come back into where he always hunts. The hunting ground has changed from houses and farming. He is always by himself early in the morning at 6am the black dingo comes and he sits on the grounds and watches the tractors and people in the distance.

He sits there and watches the cows go by. He can see right around him. He would sit there with the wind blowing towards him, smelling the air. We would see him where the road goes past, he’s got the creek there.

By 7.30am he’s gone down the creek back to where it’s cool. He might catch rats.

I like dingo, you normally don’t see them. It’s a rare occasion when you see them. They know how to hide. They are in their own world. There’s yellow ones and black ones. They are smart hunters.


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#Aboriginal, #Dingo, #North Queensland, #Hunting, #Farms
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