Beata Molicka is a Contemporary Abstract Artist from Northern New South Wales, Australia. Before Beata started painting, she spent a lot of time exploring the west coast of Australia by light aircraft and was fascinated by how much the landscape from above resembled Aboriginal art. After taking several art courses, Beata chose not to study art institutionally and instead pursued two other qualifications. Beata did however continue to practice and experiment with different techniques and styles and always knew art was what she would end up doing when the time was right. After graduating from University, she made the decision to move to Northern Ireland where she worked to fund her passion for art and travel. Beata became increasingly interested in fluid art and continued experimenting. During this time, she took a trip to the US to spend some time with Maxine Masterfield, founder of International Society for Experimental Artists (ISEA). Beata learned that abstract art was about pushing the boundaries, and that accidental mistakes could sometimes become a secret recipe or even an artist's greatest achievement. Today, Beata is continually inspired by this beautiful country, memories of the places she has visited, aerial photography and satellite images of Earth.

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84cm (W) x 84cm (H)
Mixed Media