Being a visual artist I prefer not to throw half a thesaurus at convincing the viewer of how they should feel about a particular piece. My main aim in this profile is to give some background spiel on my thought process before and during painting a new subject.I find faces fascinating, and the way people convey and pick up info through body language signals, the most complex being our facial expressions. From subtle micro-expressions to obvious indicators, people communicate a lot without words; some better than others at masking their emotions.In Colour Psychology different colours can influence perceptions and affect someone’s mood. Likewise, in the abstract elements of a painting I use colour to represent emotions; throwing complimentary and contrasting colour combo’s together in a jumble of expressions at once, similar to a long exposure photograph. I am trying to capture a person’s personality through multiple facial expressions at once, and arrange it in a way that’s interesting and different to traditional portrait painting.My interest in classic portraiture, in particular Rembrandt typically influences the backdrop. From there, layers of natural skin tones form the basis from which I build up the composition. At a certain point I refer to my sketches and notes to settle on which area I want to develop into a realistic element. Then I explore abstract themes, drawing on modern influences and applying paint using various methods, often scraping off areas and starting again until I’m satisfied, in a process that can take months.Another idea I try to convey is the Landscape aspect, from where the series title derives. I come from the countryside with amazing landscape scenes, which in my opinion only photography can really capture the beauty of. People’s surroundings mould their personality, (which ties in with colours affecting mood) and my way of expressing an interest in nature and the environment with paint is incorporating this idea into portraits. I use seasonal colour palettes to construct shapes, tones and various textured finishes to create form and depth, contributing to the overall theme and a contradiction in terms- a tidy chaos.I put a lot of effort into a piece and nothing goes out the door before spending some time on the studio wall to be thoroughly scrutinized. My goal is to produce an image that at the very least is interesting to look at. If a piece manages to hold someone’s attention for a minute and make them think or feel something then that’s just the bullfrog’s beard."Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways" - Oscar Wilde

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50.7cm (W) x 50.7cm (H)
Oil Paint