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My current 2020 project is designed as a modern day art/education piece, for expediency, painted in light instead of oil. The Goddess of Love was created so that, at a glance, you could choose the world you want. The compelling narrative woven into this profoundly beautiful work echoes across the planet and, in a single piece of salient art, captures the story of our time.

The project is an appropriately timed interpretation of The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch with the main subject, The Goddess of Love, influenced by Botticelli's The Birth of Venus. You can view visual detail of the project here on ‘Bluethumb Steve Fitz’ and a full description of my objective plus the animal and spirit meanings on my website by searching ‘Hootgallery Goddess’ then please return to Bluethumb.

The artwork speaks for itself and, as with Bosch, the panels are read sequentially from left to right and each panel is essential to the meaning of the whole. The left panel, with the hidden green apple represents envy and temptation in the Garden of Eden and, the right panel with the gilded golden snake suggests Judgment. The main subject, the "Goddess of Love", contained in the triptukhon's central panel, together with "The Three Sisters" monoliths, representing humanity holding back the flood waters, can be viewed as our struggle to save paradise.

From mythology and inspired by Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus", the Goddess of Love emerges from the water after her birth when fully grown. A goddess whose functions encompass love, beauty and desire. Designed to get your attention, her appeal is sensory and accessible but, this time, the Goddess of Love is on a mission to save what she loves.

The opposing mountains, leaning towards each other, represent a monumental real life battle and portray the environmental and humanitarian devastation of rampant corporate greed, on one side, in opposition to the natural world and society on the other. The astonishing depth suggests a vast amount of time to get where we are in terms of our humanity and, that is now threatened by the greed of a few. Riddled with metaphors begging interpretation, the dream and animal spirit meanings are just a small part of this expansive performance and brush lightly over the surface of a much deeper and profound social massage.

The main message being that our exploitation and destruction of the planet is starting to come unhinged as we realise we are also destroying ourselves.

It's a great discussion piece and like Banksy, when words aren’t working, it becomes more than a wonderful work of art, it's a compelling visual narrative that, at a glance, could shift public opinion to help save the natural world along with humanity and, that’s the motivation.

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Canson® Infinity PhotoArt ProCanvas Water Resistant 395g/m² archival very high resolution true fine art reproductions designed to meet Galleries and Museums longevity requirements. 7.5cm bleed added to canvas for frame mounting gallery wrap display.

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