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Treena Seymour
Treena Seymour

Mentone‚ VIC, Australia

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Acrylic and Resin on Stretched Canvas


Influence: This stunning art reflects the vast expanse of Victoria’s 90 Mile Beach. As I child, I spent many holidays with my parents down at a place called Sea Spray. A small town with a general store selling petrol, bait, food, newspapers as well as acting as the post office. There were little beach houses dotted everywhere and a caravan park on the shoreline. Our family used their own caravan and liked to venture away from town and locate behind the sand dunes in a quiet secluded spot away from the noice of the fellow campers and town folk. One vivid memory which inspired me to create this triptych was the vast expanse of shoreline with absolutely no one on, in or around it. The sand had no footprints, the ocean had no surfers or boats occupying it. There were no fishermen nor sunbathers. Only seagulls on occasions. It was like a completely deserted beach. A rare sight indeed and I hope you are transported to that same beach whilst studying this art.

Specifications: Quality acrylics used giving long lasting rich pigmentation/lustre. Designed on acid free environmentally unbleached cotton duck, triple coated with universal primer. Two coats of Premium Clear Non Yellowing Resin has been applied to add lustre and shine as well as to protect artwork. This is a one off original hand made piece of art. As with all hand made items, there may be slight imperfections which in no way detract from the overall beauty. It is considered a true indication of its individuality.

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