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Adam Kanofski
Adam Kanofski

Ipswich, Queensland, Australia

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Acrylic, Ink on wood


July 20th, 1969. Human kind takes a trip to the moon. Or did they? And if they did, why on earth would they feel obliged to share with the pungent masses what was really there? America was in a desperate race to beat Russia to the moon. Get there first at all costs; even at the cost of the truth which is still hidden to this day. Hollywood special-effects are the world's best. From conflicting light sources casting multi-angled shadows and a distant earth cut and paste-on against a blackened studio wall there was more to mankind's first adventure to the moon. More than 40 years later with mankind's sight firmly set on Mars, to suggest humans went to the moon without going back to colonize is ludicrous.


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#landscape, #fantasy, #moonscape
(CreativeWork) two bushrangers by the tracks - Emerald, Victoria. 2013 by Adam Kanofski. mixed-media. Shop online at Bluethumb.(CreativeWork) the boy and his dog, 2010 by Adam Kanofski. arcylic-painting. Shop online at Bluethumb.(CreativeWork) portrait of a girl - Townsville, 1999 by Adam Kanofski. other-media. Shop online at Bluethumb.(CreativeWork) the red guard war against the screens - part II of the five year de-zombification plan, 2014 by Adam Kanofski. mixed-media. Shop online at Bluethumb.

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