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Alex Hotchin


Ink and Marker on Arches 300gsm hot pressed paper


Drawings on paper

Signed on the front

This drawing is inspired by an overland bicycle journey from Europe to South East Asia.

The story for this drawing goes something like this:
Turkmenistan is one of the world’s most secretive countries. We make the mistake of applying for our visa on the same day as the Turkish truck drivers which means like them we are given only a 3 day transit visa. When I ask the man in the visa window to please re-consider the length as we are riding bicycles, he barks back at me “you’ll just have to ride faster!”

We crammed our dismantled bicycles into the back of a blue taxi, picked up a spare tyre from the driver’s brothers house, a loaf of bread from his first wife’s place, and then drove hell for leather for 9 hours across pot-holed filled roads. Towards on-coming trucks on the wrong side of the road, with numerous stops for police checks and bribe payments, and to buy our driver coke when he started nodding off to sleep.....the bad roads were made even more surreal by our arrival at the other side at a city full of wide boulevards, decorated with statues and buildings of gold.


Leaves artist's studio in 1-3 working days

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