Amelia Margaurite
Amelia Margaurite

Townsville, QLD, Australia

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"Drawing the body is such an immersive and thought-provoking process.

My mind wanders.

Between learning and understanding the muscular and skeletal structure beneath the skin, which casts shadows and forms the highlights that make the piece so beautiful. To imagined story behind why she stands that way, what she's feeling as she's holding herself. What has happened in her life to lead to this moment in time.

Then again as I dance over the fingers, trying to bring them to life in all their intricacies, how delicate they are, how gently they rest on her chest."

She is #3 in my latest series of original pieces, continuing to explore the theme of "Strength, Struggle, Power."

11″x14″ white and black charcoal on 118gsm grey tone paper.

#nude, #charcoal, #drawing, #feminine, #realistic, #realism, #grey, #black
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