Andrea Marriette
Andrea Marriette

Sydney, Australia

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Acrylics hand painted onto a canvas over a wooden frame.


Original artwork for sale , all acrylic painted on a quality, stretch, cotton canvas over a wooden frame.
D rings and wire attached ready to hang.

There is a lady on the corner of my street who’s always in her garden managing and maintaining the natural beauty that surrounds her. Her garden isn't very big, but she loves it. It doesn’t matter what time of day or how the weather is, she’s always there. So with her in mind that’s what inspired me to create this painting.
All the flowers, fungi, fruit and even the Kookaburra who is a regular visitor, are all right there in the lady’s garden, my neighbours or in my own. Apart from the lady painted like wood, everything else has been sketch or water coloured in still life for preparation for this painting.
in the artwork the lady with wooden features is all brush strokes, this painting has NOT been created on a wooden art board or MDF. A lot of work in this painting, but I loved every moment.

The last image to you see is a snippet of me painting it in my studio, the camera had focused on my hair not the artwork (LOL). I just wanted viewers to see the artist in action with the painting. There was still lots more to do at the time of this photo.

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I am entering this painting into a competition at Art Gallery of NSW as I feel it fits in well with their theme. I am sure there will be many other artworks being entered and mine may not make it to the final, but you have to try, right? We'll know in May.

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