Emotional Beauty

42cm (W) x 60cm (H) x 0.1cm (D)
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By Ashvin Harrison Featured

Scarborough, Queensland, Australia

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I've created this art piece through exploration of emotional poses and beauty. Using a model to pose for me, I focus on what I feel makes her beautiful, forever youthful and purely existential in place and time. These charcoal art pieces are focused on my interests in the philosophies behind 'existentialism'. I am fascinated in the small degree of separation between humans and other living forms. With this, I also want to push the acceptance of nudity. Our skin tells the story of our journey in life and should be celebrated.

I use a unique technique of brushing and painting the charcoal on with makeup brushes and then fixing with high quality matt fixative. This is a standard A2 paper size, making it easy and cost effective to frame.


expressive, sexy, modern, body, Realistic, women, Charcoal, emotive, black and white, beauty, woman, Nude