Ashvin Harrison

Scarborough, Queensland, Australia

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Charcoal and Acrylics on 320gsm paper- (unframed)


Here is a bird I haven't created as a solo focus in a while- a Wren! The previous house I lived in had a great garden where wrens would fly around and nest. I used to watch them fly around, from my dinning area, as they seemed to have the world all figured out. I don't see these birds in my new home, though I have an abundance of photos to become inspired from. This piece is not framed, though will suit any style of frame as I use a crisp white 320gsm thick white paper.

My unique process of applying charcoal to create photorealistic art is done through the use of various paint and makeup brushes cut to shape. Over 200 of my artworks have been safely shipped worldwide; with insurance and tracker included.


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