Atol bertrand dupuche australian artist 01
By (Atol) Bertrand Dupuche

Brisbane, Australia, Australia

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I’ve used a high-quality Indian cotton paper made in Pune, bought while I was training with dancer, Osho art therapist and painter Meera Hashimoto in 2009. I worked in acrylic inks and paints for this inner tapestry of web and flow of energy. I’ve used high and low key colours in a layered manner that gives a real sense of depth, of translucent transparencies in this abstract composition.
While working on this painting in October 2014, I had just wrapped up a complete rebrand of the Storage King Group and my girlfriend and I had only just moved into a renovated church in Brisbane. I was exhausted by the mammoth task. Though I was proud of my achievements and as I have discovered with every big outpouring of energy, rest afterwards is necessary. The big space was new and I had manifested what I’ve always wanted as an artist, a wooden floor art studio which reminded me of my parents’ house by home.
At the time I was exploring the question: “What does it mean to flow with life? What is trust?” I’m still finding out and the answers as they are revealing themselves are about living my truth on my own terms and trusting that life always supports me.


yellow, orange, green, turquoise, blue, white, purple, vermillion, red, magenta, acylics, acrylic inks, acrylic paint, abstract, contemporary, intuitive, cool tone, warm tone, australian, meditative art, meditative, summer, spring, going with the flow, landscape, rivers, river banks