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Becky Jo Hull
Becky Jo Hull

St. Mary's , NSW, AU, Australia

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Sometimes I THINK "One Way"... Sometimes I THINK "Another". Depending Upon What I PERCEIVE That I NEED To DO... OR My HEART'S DESIRE... and "What" the Occasion CALLS FOR. According To My Sense Of HONOUR, "DUTY", And "Inbuilt Moral Compass". What To DO?? What To DO??

There are Several WISE "SAYINGS"... Even Folktales, Myths, Legends, And Fairy Tales, from Various Cultures Around The World, KNOWN Throughout Human History... That I've LEARNED Over The Years. KNOW To BE "TRUE", In ESSENTIAL THEMES And CONCEPTS, Through PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. That ENCOURAGE and DEFINE, the USE And Intrinsic VALUE of CREATIVE Problem-Solving Skills, and EFFECTIVE Techniques. TEACH About The POWER Of INNOVATION, and ORIGINAL THINKING. The NECESSITY To BE ADAPTABLE, and FLEXIBLE, in "HOW" WE THINK About Anyone, Anything, and Any Situation, That WHAT WE THINK "MATTERS".

To KNOW What Is TRULY WORTH STRIVING For, What Is Not, And Never Was. WHEN PERSISTENCE And DEDICATION, Is REQUIRED To OVERCOME ALL Obstacles. WHEN It Is NECESSARY To MAKE A "STAND" For What Is "RIGHT". To SPEAK UP... Perhaps To "FIGHT" For Our HEARTFELT BELIEFS. Yet Without Sacrificing HONOUR, Our IDEALS, Or INNOCENT LIVES. Or To KNOW WHEN TO BE SILENT Instead. WHEN To "Walk Away" (Or Flee For Our LIVES) From A "No-Win" Situation... Or Else, Lose ALL That WE CHERISH, And/Or Perish!!! WE ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE. Although Sometimes, It Is The "Lesser Of Two Evils". Or So It SEEMS. THINK AGAIN!!!

In Advertising Slogans, WE HEAR, and READ that We Should "THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX". ESSENTIALLY, They DARE US To DO SO. Yet WE LIVE In A So-Called "Modern, Civilised" Society, That Isn't As MODERN, Or As CIVILISED, As Most People Are TAUGHT TO BELIEVE. That "Automatically" TRIES To "STUFF US" Into All "Kinds" Of "Boxes". Sometimes "Cages" In Disguise, Or "Traps". Along With Whatever Poorly-Conceived "Social Moulds" and Statistical "Parameters", that People with Much Less IMAGINATION, And/Or PRACTICAL "Hands-On" EXPERIENCE Than I'm INCLINED To THINK That I HAVE In ABUNDANCE (Ego Perhaps)... Have "DESIGNED" And INSIST, Or DEMAND WE "FIT INTO". Whether WE Can "FIT" Into Those "Boxes", Or Not. Regardless Of How Much We May TRY To PLEASE, Our PERCEIVED "Superiors" and "Authority" Figures... WE Are Expected To COMPLY. No Matter How Unreasonable, Or Impossible To DO SO, Or How Much It May Hurt US To TRY. Or Else... "PAY" A "Penalty" In One Form Or Another, POSSIBLY Even Forfeit Our LIVES, Perhaps Along With The LIVES Of Those Special Individuals WE LOVE MOST And CHERISH. DEPENDING ON CIRCUMSTANCES "IN PLAY" At That TIME.

Some Of US, Weren't BORN To OBEY, Without THINKING. WE Don't Make "Good, Mindless Slaves" Of A Badly-Designed "Status Quo". BUILT Upon Flawed "Foundations" Of Consumerism At ALL Costs. Some Of Which, Should NEVER BE PAID. BUILT Upon Intrinsically Destructive Social Practices, That Systematically Marginalise ANYONE... Who Isn't Considered "Normal" By Statistical "Standards" and Charts (CONSIDER THE SOURCE, I SAY). With Too Many Exploitative Laws, That Only The Wealthiest Members Of Our Society, Can Afford To ENFORCE, And BUY Justice From. In A Society, Where The Majority Of Individuals, Are Conditioned From An Early Age... To Conform, And EMBRACE Essentially Divisive "Values" And Policies That Subtly "Undermine"... Geared Towards GENERATING A Short-Term "Profit" For The "Chosen Few". Which Are Unsustainable, For EVERYONE In The General Population, In The Long-Term "Scheme Of Things".

Some Of US Aren't MEANT To FIT All "Nice And Neat" Into Those "Limitations". Because WE Were BORN TO "BREAK" Those Ill-Fitting "Moulds", And Restrictive MINDSETS... And REDESIGN Them Into Something BETTER, Than Before. Something More HUMANE, Instead Of "Less Than". In A WAY, That Doesn't Destabilise This Society, Any More Than It ALREADY IS. Not Through Violence... But CREATIVELY And CLEVERLY, Instead. "NOBLESSE OBLIGE". Easier SAID, Than DONE, Of Course.

Someone Once SAID... "Anything NOBLE... Is Usually RARE And Difficult." THINK About That... THEN... THINK About HOW To DO, WHAT MUST BE DONE. IF You Can DO That... THEN... The "BATTLE" Is Already Half-Way WON!!!

Extract (29 Jul 2016) of Hidden Abstract Pattern I "PULLED" from a Digital Photo of A Fragment Of An Abalone Shell I Have. I CREATED This Extract 8 Days Before My BELOVED 4th Husband John DIED A Very Bad DEATH, At Home, In My Arms.

#It's Not WHAT WE THINK... So Much As "HOW" WE THINK That Is IMPORTANT 1, #Abstract Pattern In Black... Grey... Lavender... White... Greens... Blues, #Archetypal Figure Forming
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