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Blue Mountains, Australia

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acrylic and mixed media on paper, framed


This painting continues the 'Unpopular Penguin' series, but with a twist. I recently visited the Brett Whiteley studios and was inspired by his early abstract works, which were often on a mixed surface of different papers, incorporating drawing and painting in various media. I was familiar with his larger and later paintings, but seeing these earlier works directly made a big impact on me. They were really dynamic and exciting, with a sense of 'no rules', and I wanted to apply some of that feeling to my ongoing series.

This painting has a base of 340gsm cotton watercolour paper, with pages from a paperback book and then acrylic paint. The artwork is framed behind Perspex, but can be easily removed and re-framed if desired. It is ready to hang as it is.

The artwork is 72.5cm x 51,5cm, while the total size (with the frame) is 99.5cm x 65cm.

A perfect gift for lovers of books and art.


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