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Bernadette Pilli

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oil on canvas


The inspiration for my Mapping series comes from journeys I have taken. The idea of mapping these travels, opens up opportunities, ideas and dreams of where I have been and where I might go: the possibilities of my future. In knowing where I have been gives me a sense of direction and confidence to move forward. My seascape and landscape paintings evoke memories of my journeys. I return to these places and memories with the aid of maps.
The earliest maps were created to help people, in particular sailors, to find their way and to reduce their fear of the unknown, to assist them in returning to sites. While intended to be utilitarian, maps also offer implicit promises of routes into and out of the unknown.
I have travelled to the Baltic region a number of times to participate in festivals and to visit friends and relatives. In this particular painting series, MAPPING THE BALTIC, I have explored the question: Did the Estonian refugees of sixty years ago have maps, either in hand or in their mind, of where they had been, where they were going and how they would return? They boarded crowded ships, often in the dark, to travel to unknown places, rushing to leave war-torn homelands. Carrying little with them, many families were separated, escape of upmost importance. The Australian mood towards refugees so different sixty years ago!
My intention is to revisit the feeling of places I have travelled through, to transform memory, to record something specifically recalled from that experience.
I studied Fine Arts and Education in Melbourne and have been a practicing full-time artist for 15 years. I have participated in solo, collaborative and group shows nationally.

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