Why collect contemporary Art?

Collection of physical items is present in both human and animal life from birth to the end of life. People collect not only out of necessity, but desire. Investment will always be a big factor in the collection of art but, the value of  collecting art is not just monetary, but emotional. Collecting art is like collecting memories. It allows people connect themselves to a certain period of time, and keep the past present. Collecting art is like telling your story by forming a life collage/ sewing a patchwork blanket. It’s a meaningful, personal quest that never ends, and can be passed down from generation to generation. The collection becomes family heirlooms. Heirlooms!? That sounds expensive right? It doesn’t have to be. You don’t need to be a millionaire to buy good art, and start collecting.

Some of the greatest collections to date started small…. David Rockefeller tells: “My own interest in art was because of my mother. My father didn’t like contemporary art, so he didn’t give her large sums to spend. So she began buying prints and drawings”. 

David Rockefeller standing proudly next to his Rothko painting in which he auctioned for charity.

David Rockefeller standing proudly next to his Rothko painting, which he auctioned for charity.


The time is now. It’s time to start telling your story. What is happening now is your life, and in the art world it’s contemporary art. What is contemporary art? Contemporary art is new art. It’s art from emerging artists, who are trending, and have new ideas.  It’s art that is made in this, your lifetime. Buying contemporary art will resinate with you, because it’s created during a time in which issues are relevant to you, and the world around you. For example, say you are passionate about climate change, and you grew up by the beach, and you have a bare wall in your lounge room. Look for an Australian Artist, a local, who creates large works, for example: Annette Spinks, who sells on Bluethumb. You may form a connection with a piece like this:

Gorgeous! But where do you find these pieces?

Where to start?

By broad definition, the creators of contemporary art have to be living today. Thats ALOT of artists, with huge differences in price brackets, so where should you start? The most affordable way to collect contemporary art is to buy original art from emerging artists. Collecting art from artists at the beginning of their career can be one of the best and most accessible ways to engage, also let’s not forget to mention the financial rewards to be had as some of these artists hit the big time. The best place to look for these artists is online. Many new artists don’t have the funds to pay rent to galleries so they sell their art online. Buying art online will also save you money and time. So visit a site like Bluethumb, and search the site with words like; ‘beach’, ‘wave’, ‘large’, ‘painting’ or whatever you FEEL like.

Patronage is rewarding.

You should collect/buy contemporary art from new artists because patronage is its own reward, and a true art collector supports artistic production. Identifying and nurturing new talent will benefit the artist, the industry and the buyer. The artist will receive funds to create more work and push forward in their career, this in turn will inspire other artists/benefit the industry, and if this artist becomes famous the piece you purchased will go up in value. BUT remember investment is not the only reason why you should collect contemporary art. Make sure you love and have a connection with the pieces you buy. Every purchase involves financial risk. Make sure the purchase holds emotional value, so even if the artist doesn’t make it big its still worth something to you.

Buy art because you love it.

If you have the funds by all means collect more expensive works that capture your attention, but again buy art because you love it. Pricier pieces still have potential to gain value, all art does. But note that artists who sell more expensive works are doing it because they can. This usually means they have made progress career-wise, BUT this does not mean they don’t need your support. All artists need their works to be sold. So if you love it, and can afford it, buy it!

So why should you collect contemporary art? Collect it to invest financially in yourself and your family. Buy art to support an industry that you love. Collect it to be a part of history. Buy contemporary art to support the recording of present history through beauty you can identify with. Collect it to tell your story. Buy art because it brings you happiness. Collect it because you find a calm, beautiful place, by simply staring at it. Collect art to fall in love, over, and over again.




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