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Inverell NSW 2360, Australia

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Maliyaa (Friend). Rainbow lorikeet. Atelier impasto gel and mediums. Atelier Interactive professional artists acrylics and Atelier Free Flow. 380gsm 100% cotton deep edge stretched canvas. Ready to hang.

This work is named maliyaa for two reasons. One is that unfortunately there is no recorded word for a rainbow lorikeet in Gamilaraay and secondly everyone can relate to the friendly nature of these magnificently coloured birds. I use a very small rounded pallet knife for this work. It too a steady hand and lots of patience to do each stroke.

380gsm 100% cotton deep edge stretched canvas. Ready to hang. The back of the artwork is titled, dated, signed and has a unique 5 digit artwork ID number to identify it. The artwork is secured by 49 strand grade316 stainless steel wire rope, 316grade stainless steel wire rope grips and screw eyes.


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