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By Catherine Stringer

Hobart, Australia

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This is the second work from the series of small pieces I made during a residency in Iceland in 2017. It is made from seaweeds gathered in Iceland, and relates to my experiences there. I have been exploring the medium of seaweed pulps and finding new ways to use this amazing material.
The seaweed has been processed to pulp and then handmade paper has been formed. This has been attached to a primed board with deep sides which has a wire attached and is thus ready to hang, but could be framed if desired. It has been coated with multiple layers of resin, which gives it a feeling of depth and complements the underwater theme.
More of my Iceland inspired work will feature in a solo exhibition coming up in June 2018.


underwater, sea, seaweed, marine macroalgae, brown, natural fibres, Iceland, underwater scape, ocean, water, journeys, papermaking, neutral colours, resin