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Catherine Stringer


paper (marine macroalgae and shore plants) on silk


'Wickham Landing Cape' is a tribute to the women who made it to shore at Cape Wickham, at the northern tip of King Island, after their ship 'Neva' was wrecked on a nearby reef in 1835. 'Neva' was carrying Irish women convicts and their children. A total of 208 women and children lost their lives in the shipwreck. Twelve women made it to shore alive, only six survived the first night.
'Wickham Landing Cape' melds figure and landscape. The design is based on that of the long hooded capes ubiquitous in nineteenth century Ireland, and it is life-size to convey a sense of presence. It is comprised of three sheets of paper created from seaweeds and shore plants gathered from the Cape Wickham area. Over twenty different seaweeds and plants have been individually processed, and the pulps ‘painted’ on to a silk backing.
The main body of the cape represents the underwater seas around Cape Wickham, and is formed from a range of sub tidal seaweeds. The collar represents the shore, strewn with bull kelp and other brown seaweeds and fringed with the lacy white foam of sun bleached red and green seaweeds. The hood is the dry land of Cape Wickham rising above the sea. The lower hood is made from Cushion Bush and Grey Saltbush which line the shore. Higher up are Seaberry Saltbush, Bower Spinach, Club-Sedge and Sword-Sedge.
There is of course no lighthouse atop the cape – this was not built until 1861.
'Wickham Landing Cape' is framed with Perspex in a natural timber frame which complements the colours of the natural fibres.

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