Sidney Moody
Sidney Moody

Balgo, WA, Australia

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acrylic on canvas


All the men in the camp were walking and singing for the rain and so the grass could go green because it was dry season. They were looking for the rock hole for a drink and then they heard someone calling out “hey”. But they didn’t know it was the Pinti (Pheasant Coucal bird) up to its old mischievous tricks and trying to lead them away from the water. The Pinti are very hard to see: they are black with a brown chest with a little white around his neck. It looks like a law man. Pinti is also known to call out and take people away. In this painting you can see the seven rockholes the men travelled to in search of water, all the time following the pinti bird. They started at Yirri Yirru and followed the bird to Giberratjarra, Buli Bulinger, Pikal, Puntatjarba (Jupiter Well), Gnuti and finally Nyinmi.


#Warlayirti art, #balgo, #aboriginal, #contemporary art
(CreativeWork) Ngudi, 187-17 by Sidney Moody. arcylic-painting. Shop online at Bluethumb.(CreativeWork) Pinti, 63-18 by Sidney Moody. arcylic-painting. Shop online at Bluethumb.

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