Born in 1980‚ into a working class European family‚ I am the first of 3 children. My parents encouraged self-expression‚ so throughout my childhood & into my teens‚ I began an interest in art. During my 20's I was consumed by the corporate world which I still call work. Now in my 30's‚ as I continue to experience the high's & low's of this life‚ I've become aware that my passion for art both motivates my mind & calms my soul. Inspiration comes from loving‚ learning & a search for happiness.

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Loyola College (VCE): History‚ Art‚ Graphics‚ IT‚ Chemistry‚ Accounting‚ Literature

Victoria University (Bachelor of Business): International Trade‚ Commercial Law.


None as yet.
Currently I work full-time in contract‚ procurement and risk management.
I also own my own online creative hobby/consulting business solutions for small - medium business.


Wassily Kandinsky
Salvador Dali
Andy Warhol
Roy Lichtenstein

38cm (W) x 76cm (H)
Acrylic Paint