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Watercolour on Paper


'Lucy' is a watercolour painting of a young girl who was living in an orphanage in Tanzania. Lucy was a brave, confident, and intelligent young girl who displayed such happiness despite her situation. I visited the orphanage twice over 14 months to see a child I was sponsoring and got to know all of the girls living there. I was inspired by each of their individual personalities and produced a series of artworks to show their smiling faces to the world. It is my hope that these portraits might remind people to appreciate what they have, and to share what they have with those less fortunate. It is my hope that my art will help to make a few less children forgotten.

Lucy came from a Maasai village in Tanzania. She and a few other girls were found by a doctor who made regular visits to the remote village. The doctor brought her back to Arusha to stay in the orphanage a few years before I met her. The Maasai villagers where she was found didn't know where she came from, nor did they know her name. She wouldn't speak any language so was given the name 'Lucy' upon arrival at the orphanage. The burn marks on her cheeks are characteristic of her Maasai culture – traditionally used by her tribe to signal where their children belong in case they became lost. When I met her, Lucy was just like any other happy young child who possessed all the potential in the world.

This artwork has been professionally framed. Size includes frame. Actual painting is A4 size.

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