20180412 172016
By Chris Cox

Southern Highlands, Tablelands NSW, Australia

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The only one on the shoreline, describes the man taking an evening walk and soaking up the surroundings and a breathtaking sunset. The vastness of the terrain and the shear size between the man and the landscape tells a story all of its own. Which one is master of the Realm?


Landscape, Seascape, Impression, Surrealism, Abstract, Realism, Water, Beach, Headland, rock, person, people, sunset, sunrise, orange, blue, ultramarine, sky blue, crimson, pink, white, yellow, waves, foam, storm, afternoon, red, sun, shore, man walking, green, trees, foliage, australia, office, study, living, sofa, lounge, family, hall, rumpus, sand, bedroom, australia, australian coast