20180412 172016
By Chris Cox

Southern Highlands, Tablelands NSW, Australia

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Ever walked along the coastline just in time for sunrise? The stillness, calm and crisp air fill your senses and the sun comes alive again with new energy and zest for another day. Clouds roll in from the sea and create a refraction of light in the sky and reflect and spill pink, oranges, yellows to the ever changing shoreline as the tide changes. These clouds and colours form the base of the piece in a impressionist tone. This is what every day should feel like, wouldn't you agree? Yes.


sunrise, sunset, clouds, headland, night, day, stormy, pink, purple, orange, blue, beach, waves, shore, sand, reflection, cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, white, misty, fog, seascape, landscape, impression, surreal, contemporary, sun, colourful, still, calm, water, abstract, rock, headland, breakers, office, study, hall, lounge, living, hall, bedroom, kitchen, abstract, storm, nursery, dining, australia, australian coast, light blue, turqoise, yellow, gold, white, teal, water