'I WISH to be an ARTist': -I don't set out to produce art about one subject or another‚ although my work tends to focus on landscapes‚ seascapes‚ portraits and colour.
I prefer not to explain any particular piece of work - if I've made a picture and that's how I wanted it to be - hopefully it can speak for itself and whatever it says to the viewer - it becomes the right message because there isn't a wrong and a right message.
Each person takes something a little different from the same picture and I'm happy with that.
My influences are first and foremost everything I see‚ feel and experience; I do love colour and texture and although a realist at heart‚ I love showing the brushstrokes in each of my paintings...
I would love to reach a level of photo realism in my work and then once having gained that level of skill; would like to step back and once again show the brushstrokes and different tones‚ values and hues of colour in any further work…
I have dabbled in most mediums; watercolour‚ pastel but really love my acrylics and oils… They showcase the brightness of any subject I choose‚ the most. I paint mainly from photographs‚ usually several taken from different angles and then evolve the painting from there.
I have been painting on and off now for over 30 years‚ more often off than on and am finally in a place where I can focus on getting better at what I love to do…

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