It was a dream of mine as a child to one day paint. I used to envisage the feeling of freedom‚ an easel in front of me‚ a beret on my head‚ (I had a thing about beret's) and the endless possibilities of the canvas. Although I've always dabbled‚ I didn't get serious until fairly recently. My partner prodded and my output rose. I grew up in Korea‚ in Seoul‚ but I've lived in several countries. I was a flight attendant based in the Middle East‚ a job that helped me to see the world. Adapting to new environments is something I think I'm good at. I've been living in Tasmania since 2012 and I love it here. The beauty‚ the pace of life‚ the people. I paint because I love the process of painting. I start with a loose plan but allow each step to inform the next. I paint oil on canvas because the richness of colour is emboldened by texture. Anytime I have time‚ I paint and creativity flows easily‚ for now at least. As I develop my craft‚ I experiment‚ learning more each time about what I'm capable of. Painting brings me satisfaction; self-expression reflected in my work. It also brings joy; perhaps that is evident. When I paint I get lost in the process and in time.




Threads: New Gallery‚ University of Tasmania‚ Launceston

36cm (W) x 46cm (H)
Oil Paint
30cm (W) x 60cm (H)
Oil Paint