Artwork Description

Other Media on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed on the back.

Size : 182x121cm each unframed on canvas. Ready to hang. Signed. No prints.

Medium: Stencil & Aerosol on canvas

Instagram: @drahtfunkart

Constructed through a very simple, but repetitive stencil technique, neatly applied by aerosol techniques that overlap each other, that slowly produces a three-dimensional landscape of enormous proportions. Built from an accidental movement and experimentation in the studio a few years back, the technique, if applied to a large area and with the correct balance in colour and movement, can become overwhelming and impressionistic. For me, the is technique is a breakthrough in my quest to find different ways to apply stencil application. I created 4 massive nebulous pieces over a time line of about a year. A turquoise, pink, pink&blue and portraiture based one. If you wish to see them in the flesh,

The universe is a huge, astronomical place. Its our backyard. Our true backyard, sitting on the coastline looking out. Soon to be our urban landscape. In science, we know distance is still a rule of measurement that hinders our vast colonisation of space, and represented even with a 1cm line upon the canvas, can equal 10 million light years apart. This rule can seem depressing, almost daunting. As I get older, I'm starting to take interest in the small things again. I see myself looking farther, outward into the night skies. Its weird, I remember doing this as a kid, but growing up you become distracted. Studying the night sky. For the first time in along time, as of recently, I have felt the need to look further into this quest. I feel like they're are these prying eyes looking over me. I know this feels ominous, but not in a fearful way. I’ve been keeping an ear to the ground with science and faith. From whatever angle, from whatever background, one of these areas will seem ugly to you. In these pieces, I chose to embellish both science and spirituality. In one corner you have the enlightenment and the idea of a God-like construction while understanding that the nebulous clouds consist of beautiful metals and gases that reflect these almost powerful, almost potent light sources. The photographs from NASA also relay this beauty, but limit its impact in scale.

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Aerosol and Stencil with posca pen (Montana Blacks)

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Stretched and ready to hang

This artwork is currently stretched and ready to hang.

David Turner

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