I was born in Melbourne in 1963 and I have over 40 years of experience as an artist and creative designer. I completed a Graduate Diploma in Graphic Design from Monash University, though throughout my studies did not cease painting, usually in oils. After completing University, I started working as a Finished Artist for a printing firm which was a great introduction to all my jobs to follow. Towards the end of the 80's, I took a break and travelled to Europe and London where I lived for a year and worked briefly as an artist for Time Out magazine. In 1990 I was employed by Clemenger Melbourne in the print production Studio, followed by a position in their creative department where design, typography and photo retouching were involved. During my time at Clemenger, I married and had two boys. In the year 2000, we decided to make a change and moved to Athens as a family. It was there I worked at BBDO Athens as a Senior Art Director, where I managed to collect numerous industry awards and competition prizes. Unfortunately in the year 2015, the Greek economy was in serious crisis and in June of that year I was made redundant, along with many others. It was during this time of uncertainty that I began painting on a full-time basis in my studio in Athens.
Upon my return to Melbourne in 2016, I have continued painting.

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Diploma of Art and Design / Graphic Design at Monash University, Chisholm Institute,
Melbourne, Australia.
Graduated 1984.


August 2018 - Inclusion in the Darebin A1 Art Show, Bundoora Homestead Gallery.
June 2018 - Completed privately commissioned work in oils.
February 2018 - Solo Exhibition of new works at UBU Gallery, Geelong.
March 2017 - Selection of works at UBU Gallery, Geelong.
July 2016 - Solo Exhibition, Aegina Folklore Museum, Greece.
February 2016 - Solo Exhibition, Flisvos Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece,

61cm (W) x 91cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
140cm (W) x 100cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
64cm (W) x 64cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
125cm (W) x 95.5cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
90cm (W) x 63cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
50cm (W) x 36.5cm (H)
60cm (W) x 60cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
50cm (W) x 43cm (H)
45cm (W) x 35cm (H)
Acrylic Paint
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