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Acrylic finished in oil on canvas with wooden backing


Here, the focus is the sun. Hot, majestic, eternal. At times it's covered, it's light and power seemingly diminished by mere floating cloud, but then of course eventually it fights through. The whole sky then is flooded with it's power, the light, the beams, the brilliance; so much so that our eyes must look away.

Rendered here in oil on acrylic, you can gaze as long as you like! This intricate painting of a big sky has plenty of detail and depth to hold the eye. Canvas mounted on framed hardwood ply, it's perfect for an apartment or any narrow wall space. Works really well on darker decor colours.
I use modern elements to lift the image, to meet the expectations of the modern eye. Flares, artifacts and scattering all work beautifully in painting to create a visually satisfying piece that is still clearly handmade, wrought by human creativity.


#Sky, #Clouds, #Sun, #Light, #Landscape, #Skyscape, #Cloudscape, #sunlight, #blue
Ciel de jacaranda david tracey bluethumb art 1cdbLakeside coalescence david tracey bluethumb art b763Burn through cloud david tracey bluethumb art 929bAnd clouds like flowers glide by david tracey bluethumb artHot sun sweeping cloud commission david tracey bluethumb art 7081Symphonic sun david tracey bluethumb art 6e90

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