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🔹Oil pastel (Sennelier) 🔹Art Spectrum acid free colourfix pastel paper 🔹Framed


Vivid childhood memories of fearing a daddy longleg spider that lived in its own kingdom of fear.
It took me some years to overcome my artistic block. When I began to develop an interest in art again I took pictures of my surroundings including the daddy leg spider. My youngest daughter decided to draw a spider, find sticky tape and stick it in middle of the lounge room wall. Fearlessly she showed me how to let go of any fears and follow my heart. This is my first piece since finding my artistic self. This piece represents a great deal to me. From vivid childhood memories as I mentioned to current lessons that helped me find my fearlessness.
🔹Oil pastel (Sennelier oil pastel)
🔹 Art Spectrum acid free colourfix pastel paper

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