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Mixed media and 24K gold leaf on canvas


Inspired by Klimt's "The Kiss" , I've brought the protagonists up to date for 2018. They are taking a selfie of a very public display of affection, surrounded by emojis. This is the second version I have made- the first one was intended as the centerpiece of my exhibition "Knickerless" at Slingshot Bar Gallery, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, but it sold as soon as it was done! Followed a mad rush to replace it, this time in landscape rather than portrait format, to suit the exhibition space better. It is on display there until March 5th, 2018., when I changeover to new paintings. The video is all about making the first version, but my process was the same. Enjoy!


#klimt, #the kiss, #gold, #kiss, #couple, #selfie, #emoji
Mike the thinker de gillett bluethumb art fdb4.jpg?w=300&h=300&fit=crop&mark=https%3a%2f%2fimages.bluethumb.com.au%2fbluethumb art assets%2fwatermark%2fbt watermarkKrystal recumbent de gillett bluethumb art 3b6d.jpg?w=300&h=300&fit=crop&mark=https%3a%2f%2fimages.bluethumb.com.au%2fbluethumb art assets%2fwatermark%2fbt watermarkSkindeep de gillett bluethumb art 14d6.jpg?w=300&h=300&fit=crop&mark=https%3a%2f%2fimages.bluethumb.com.au%2fbluethumb art assets%2fwatermark%2fbt watermarkPalm cockatoo de gillett bluethumb artManly marina sunset de gillett bluethumb art 215c.jpg?w=300&h=300&fit=crop&mark=https%3a%2f%2fimages.bluethumb.com.au%2fbluethumb art assets%2fwatermark%2fbt watermarkMussorgsky at an exhibition de gillett bluethumb art

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