I grew up outside in the fresh air with miles of beach and almost no one in sight. Most of the really memorable parts of my life have had origins in beach combing and soaking up the blazing Australian sun. Being the curious creature that I was, I chose to spend the majority of my childhood staring into rock pools and sifting through nests of shells on the shoreline. I was a treasure hunter of sorts ready to be amazed by the tiniest piece of tumbled glass or a hermit crab hidden inside a beautiful shell.
To me my environment was always a treasure trove of special things. At some point I started documenting all of these epic finds into my sketchbooks. So was born the weird kid the one that was obsessed with drawing everything. I even started drawing and painting dead fish and crabs that had washed up on the beach.
A lot of my art work reflects the seascape and natural south Australian environment but I am now also exploring portraiture and different elements of expressing emotion through my art work. Art work can be produced in various mediums including coloured pencil and watercolour. Primarily paintings are produced in exterior quality sign writers acrylic as I love the high key palette and texture options that are available in this range.

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    City sites- 2000, Mentorship Vicki Bosisto (silk painting) Mosaics (Michael Tye)
    Introduction to landscapes 2002, Via, Uni SA. - Vicki Bosisto
    Encaustic wax - Jacquilline Coates.
    Mentorship- Painting, country arts SA. -Siv Grava
    Open unis SA, studying Visual arts and Visual culture.
    Karl James drawing workshop- 2016
    Been a part of public murals and art work projects.


    Art work sold internationally to Canada, and the United States of America.
    Exhibiting in group exhibitions and have had art work on display and available for sale for 10 years.
    Boats and beaches
    Blowing in the wind
    Art by the Bay
    Behind the veil- SALA- 2016
    The Path 2016


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    Annette Bezor
    Jackson Pollock
    Siv Grava
    Jacquilline Coates
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