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Queensland, Australia

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Rainbow Lorikeet’s are well-known, well-loved local residents of the Rockhampton Botanical Gardens Tearooms in Queensland. These larrikin birds are flamboyant characters – with an unhealthy desire for sweeties: vibrant squawky gangs of these birds swoop the lunch tables eager to gobble up any remaining goodies leftover from the morning’s cream teas. So heady is their desire for sugary substances, they have completely lost their fear of people. They are a colourful sight to tourists, and a laugh a minute for children and adults alike. On this particular occasion I took several photos of this pair of junkies, there were at least eight birds on our table fighting over the last sugar crystals. My daughter’s and I watched as they licked the jam pot clean with tiny birdy tongues whilst fighting with great passion over the small paper bags of sugar – I didn’t have the heart to use one in my coffee!


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