Emma Ward

Queensland, Australia

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Archival acrylics on stretched canvas


Currently on exhibition at the Gympie Regional Art Gallery
Opens 19 August - 9 September.

My inspiration, a story:
One day when the philosopher William James, who had a liking for scientific popularisation, had just finished explaining in a small American town how the earth revolved around the sun, he saw, according to the anecdote, an elderly lady approaching with a determined look. Apparently, she strongly disagreed, expressing herself in the following terms: "no Mr James, the earth does not move around the sun, because, as is well known, it sits on the back of a turtle". James decided to be polite and asked what, according to the hypothesis, the turtle rested on?. The old lady replied without hesitating ” But on another turtle, of course.” And James persisted: “But what does the second turtle rest on?” Then, so the story goes, the old lady triumphantly exclaimed: “It’s no use, Mr James, it’s turtles all the way down.”


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