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Acrylic on canvas, stretched and ready to hang.

Signed on the front.

A powerful representation of exactly how I feel when I enter a migraine state. My gaze stares back at me with a haunting malice reminding me of the pain that runs parallel to being legally blind. My head floats in a void in pure stillness. My skull feels rigid like a steel mask both protective and impervious to any outside forces.. The images only come when I enter a migraine. At no other time do I receive them or have any desire to paint anything remotely like it. The silver represents my aura, this aura I get just before and or during a migraine. To me it is a band of sparkling lights that lies before my eyes at the beginning it surrounds me. It is captivatingly beautiful. Then the intense pain begins behind my eyes. It feels like a hot poker directly from a fire stabbing me. The only way to negotiate this migraine state is to paint the vision I feel and see within. I lay on my floor in a darkened room and paint for as long as the migraine takes to subside, it can be two three days or more before it releases its nasty grip on me.

The blue is cold, deep while defying sleep. I see you, me and the other hidden behind the impervious mask. I beckon you to stare, come on in to sit with me. Cold, alone but not frightened. I know you so well by now. I stare at you in contempt. Give it your best shot I know I will survive.

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Acrylic and pen

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Stretched and ready to hang

This artwork is currently stretched and ready to hang.

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Ericka Baker

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Imagine yourself going into a migraine, no drugs help. You can’t sleep, eat or think straight. Suddenly another migraine rides on the back of the first. The terror of pain then explodes into a third one. Then the unthinkable a fourth migraine begins to continue the terror as the third relinquished it’s tyrannical grip. Suddenly, just when you feel there is no hope, a powerful light drenches you with healing and leads the way to a new beginning.Migraine is a colourful representation of the state or void I enter when a migraine strikes me. This painting depicts the pain and nausea juxtaposed with the light that can occur to bring peace to allow me the space to come out from the migraine state. During the migraine I am catapulted into a space crushingly loud. I have no choice but to surrender and prey the light of an angel comes to shield my soul. Here, in the void I find solace, I find peace.
This painting is the very first in my new collection  “Journey in Time”.  The painting represents a culmination of several styles of working to capture the way in which I see as a Legally Blind Artist.

(CreativeWork) Gold View at Joffre by Ericka Baker. Acrylic. Shop online at Bluethumb.
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