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Erin Nicholls


Textured cotton rag. French cold press. Natural, off white. 320gsm. Medium texture, matte. Acid free.


Limited edition print of my artwork "After the Rain", which was part of my first series "A Year in Japan".
This work represents Autumn.

The original artwork was created using Copic markers and coloured pencil. The work depicts a young couple going to a restaurant for dinner. A lone man is walking past carrying his shopping. This lone figure is featured in all of my 12 works for this series. The streetlights and neon signs are reflected on the wet pavement.

This is a large, unframed, limited edition print. It is titled and signed. The edition number is 3/50. The colours of the print are almost identical to the original. For this print I have used a higher quality, textured paper. The paper colour is slightly off white and more in keeping with the paper used for the original. You can see the texture of the paper in the photos.

The dimensions are for the size of the image. There is a white border around the image for framing.

I love comic book style illustrations and animation so wanted to create an artwork in a similar style. I love Studio Ghibli films and also wanted to capture an everyday scene in Japan. I didn't use a ruler for any of the lines as I wanted to give it less of a realism/photographic look and more hand drawn.


Leaves artist's studio in 1-3 working days

#japan, #tokyo, #city, #Urban, #landscape, #street scene, #industrial, #Restaurant, #people, #anime, #marker, #pencil, #colourful, #reflections, #romantic, #romance, #brown
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