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By Graham Eldridge

Sydney, Australia

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Sometimes paintings evolve throughout the creation process. That is exactly what I love about painting in an abstract style. The painting "Primoize" is an example of an artwork which continued to evolve over a number of days. It began to develop a story of its own, and in fact became the basis for a story I told my daughter about a hiding lion, some buried gold, a quiet monkey and a nosey swan. Yes, painting is that much fun.

I've used many layers and colours and even many tones and shades to build up this interesting painting. I've used a familiar style and brought in lots of colours, though the painting itself remains well balanced.

The painting has been continued over onto the sides which adds another dimension to the artwork, and also means it does not need to be framed.
I have signed the painting, and finished it off with several layers of gloss coat to highlight the colours, and to protect the painting.


abstract, expressionist, colourful