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Heather Browne

Gold Coast, Australia

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watercolour paints and watercolour pencil on Fabriano 300gsm hot pressed paper. Mounted and framed ready to hang.


I am interested in the endless variety of compositions for Still Life paintings, using colour boldly and freely to create intriguing patterns. I begin the painting, after choosing my objects from around my home, by doing a quick sketch. I then start working directly on the paper, allowing the painting to develop without the knowledge of where it will lead or finish. It is the painting that dictates the direction of its development. I experiment with mark making that I feel will be visually interesting and am not attempting to make a perfect copy of my reference material, seeing these only as sources of information to guide me. Rejecting information I see as irrelevant or uninteresting, I construct my own interpretation of them to develop my painting style in a new direction.

An impressionistic, contemporary style using watercolour paints, watercolour pencil, tape and stencils, challenging the normal interpretation of perspective. There is great freedom in painting in this style, knowing there is no right way to create a painting.
Painted on Fabriano 300 gsm hot pressed watercolour paper.
Framed and mounted behind glass ready to hang.

#still life, #framed, #watercolour, #orange colour, #flowers, #pears, #plate, #comtemporary, #impressionistic
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