The artist In Sun Park is currently living and working in Central Queensland where she has re-kindled within her a passion to create a plethora of colours focusing upon the dappled light of this distinct landscape. For In Sun creating art pieces inspired from nature is a moment in time that she wishes to share with others, the feeling the emotions the sheer joy of experiencing life and living it to the fullest. She hopes her artworks will inspire others to continue to follow their dreams. Capturing every splinter of ambition and desire to create a work that tests and challenges their futures hopes and aspirations.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.


- Finalist, Bayton Award, Rockhampton Art Gallery, QLD
- Finalist, GIAF(Gwanghwamun International Art Festival) Asia Contemporary Young Artist Award, Sejong Centre, South Korea
- Kapten & Son ‘PURE’ Launching Exhibition, L1 Studios, VIC
- Artist of the Year, SCAF Art Fair, Lotte Hotel Seoul, South Korea
- Finalist, Royal Queensland Art Society (RQAS) Young Artist Award, Petrie Terrace Gallery, QLD
- Finalist, Queensland Figurative, Petrie Terrace Gallery, QLD
- Finalist, Corangamarah Art Prize: Con.ceit ’16, Red Rock Regional Theatre and Gallery, VIC
- Special Merit, KOFA Global Painting & Drawings Art Exhibition, KEPCO Art Centre, Seoul, Korea
- Commended (3rd Prize), Sarina Art Extravaganza Show, Sarina Art Gallery, QLD

29.7cm (W) x 21cm (H)
Giclee Print
29.7cm (W) x 21cm (H)
Giclee Print
29.7cm (W) x 21cm (H)
Giclee Print
21cm (W) x 21cm (H)
Giclee Print
97cm (W) x 100cm (H)
oil on stretched linen canvas
80cm (W) x 130cm (H)
150cm (W) x 92cm (H)
oil on linen canvas stretched with heavy duty stretcher bars
46cm (W) x 65cm (H)
oil on stretched canvas (FRAMED)
51cm (W) x 100cm (H)
acrylic and oil on stretched canvas (FRAMED)
53cm (W) x 34cm (H)
oil on stretched linen (FRAMED)