Inesta. 20. Melbourne.

A young self taught artist from Melbourne, Australia.

Living in Melbourne I couldn't help but become swept up in the colour, vibrance and diversity that my city had to offer. Always having a keen interest in art, I grew up as a youngster in the 2000s admiring street art and its ability to connect on a raw level. Inspired by what I was seeing, I channeled my creativity during these years by messing around with art in my spare time away from the commitments of school and sport for pure enjoyment.

I have continued to developed this quiet talent by myself and attempt to create works that give me a sense of pride. I aim to combine colour and style to create images that strike the viewer but aren't overwhelming, keeping it simple yet complex at the same time. I take inspiration from many factors, often painting those with influence, weather it be an artist who's music I enjoy, a poignant celebrity or simply something I think is cool.

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90cm (W) x 120cm (H)
Mixed Media