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Bec Andrews
Bec Andrews

Gold Coast, Australia

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A big week with the emotion of seeing the nation celebrate our ANZAC's...

Attending the service with my family was a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made by our forebears to provide us with the quality of life and freedoms we enjoy as Australians.

With the media abuzz with stories of heroic actions of men and women giving their all for King, Queen and Country, it's perhaps fair to say that any challenges we may encounter in our regular daily lives, may be pale in comparison to the lives of our nations founding families. I wonder how concerned mothers may have been about the dusty shelves, unmade beds or getting to the bottom of the never ending load of washing, when they were waving farewell to their sons setting off to fight a war on the other side of the world, with no certainty of when, or if they will ever return.

While our modern lives may ebb and flow, I can't help but think that our main worries and concerns should be faced with a peaceful resolution, that all will be okay, thanks simply to where we have had the great fortune to have been born. We as Australians do not know of the fear people in other countries endure with bombs exploding overhead, shrapnel or chemical warfare showering innocent men, women and children.

Instead, as Australians we have the freedom to receive a quality education and health care; to work hard and reap the rewards of our efforts; to live and travel wherever we choose; to love whomever we please; and even eat whatever our taste buds desire (with Uber Eats delivering from a virtual smorgasboard of multi-cultural cuisines - we indeed are, the lucky country). The list of pros could go on and on.

Even though we may at times feel overwhelmed by our self-imposed responsibilities or pressures, it is important to remember to give thanks for the simple things in our lives and focus on how lucky are we to ride our roller coaster lives so freely and openly. That ups and downs are normal, and that with luck we can weather the rough seas.


Acrylic paint on stretched canvass, sealed with gloss varnish

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#abstract, #ocean, #water, #flowing, #peaceful, #undulation, #flows, #life, #journey, #blue, #green, #rose pink, #pattern, #detail, #circles
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