Jacquelyn Stephens
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Mixed Media & Oil Paint on Gallery Wrapped Canvas


The sea is never far away from my work. Even in this painting from all those years ago before children. The original image for this painting was a photo of a very famous woodcut print named ‘The Voyage of the Damned’, (a depiction of tragic sea voyage…interesting story to look up if you have time). The picture fragment I used for this one was only about 8mm square and depicted a luminous patch of treacherous ocean.
This is one of the primary works where I first started using fragments of newspaper images that I would put under various magnifying devices then repaint by hand. The similarity with the original image is by intense magnification only. Which reminds me, with the exception of white, I only used the colour palette of commercial printing in these paintings too.
 in The rendering of this work the surface became this crazy field of rhythmic vibrating spots and dots that pulsate through out the space. Reminiscent of dancing molecules and frenzied atoms appearing in my later work.
Looking back at this one I really like the freshness in the painting and clarity of the colour. The pattern is quite informal and ephemeral. It still breathes for me. 

I have had several successful gallery exhibitions and received some acclaim as an emerging modern artist. My artworks are well received and enjoyed by audiences around the world. David Thomas in his essay on my artwork describes my paintings as ‘seriously considered works of technical and creative assurance.’ I aspire to make beautiful original artworks from my studio in Melbourne, Australia.
All paintings are varnished with Professional Quality Artists Varnish, once they have been photographed. This gives a protective surface and an exquisite sheen that really makes the colours powerful & eye-catching.
All images remain the copyright property of the artist, Jacquelyn Stephens.
Painting is signed, titled and dated verso.
This painting is sold unframed
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Note also that Artworks displayed in rooms are for the purpose of illustration only. I have tried to keep them to scale as much as I can but please be sure to check the dimensions of paintings actual size.
Gallery Price for this painting was $4500
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