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This painting was part of my favourite art series called 'Straps Ensemble' as I consider it as one of the most challenging series I've created. Envisioning how this elongated flap would be an appealing subject for painting. The piece showed and illustrates its flexibility while fancying how elegant those ribbons can be.

The original painting was 122cm x 122cm in size and done in acrylic and mixed media on canvas. Interestingly, I had to improvise tools to do the texture and colours while maintaining its perspective, a vital element in this series. This is a sold out series and can be viewed from my website www.jakemerin.com

This is one of only 4 paintings I've selected from the series for limited print edition release of 5. Canvas print size is 32cm x 32 cm on bordered 48cm x 48cm white frame with glass top. Each artworks were signed and numbered.

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