My most recent work is an ongoing series featuring kids rides- the sort found outside supermarkets that prompt fond childhood memories for many. They make a terrific subject (all those great shapes and glossy surfaces) but also speak to us about nostalgia and perhaps a lost innocence.

Running parallel, is a series of works that amount to a love letter to physical media- you know, real objects; the kind you can't download. In recent years I have found myself feeling uneasy about the rapid progress of the digital revolution. As someone who spends his days crafting objects, the increasingly insubstantial and ephemeral nature of our cultural artifacts troubles me. Physical Media, uses such objects as props to construct loose narratives. These stories are illuminated by the titles of the “legacy” media depicted, whether books, CD’s or DVD’s, and the key provided by the various objects placed on top of each stack. In one, for example, a crusading King sits atop a rearing horse, valiantly defending a stack of well loved paperbacks. It's called No Batteries Required. How useful is a Kindle when it goes dead on the bus?

Feel free to contact me via Facebook or e-mail if you have any questions or would like to commission a work: [email protected]


I have a BA in Visual Art.


Finalist- The Sir John Sulman Prize‚ Art Gallery of New South Wales
Archibald Prize- Salon Des Refuses‚ National Trust S. H. Ervin Gallery
Series of Dreams‚ Gallery 34‚ Yea‚ Victoria.

Finalist- The Albany Art Prize
Finalist- The Sir John Sulman Prize‚ Art Gallery of New South Wales

Art At Barrabool Exhibition
Finalist- ANL Mission to Seafarers Art Prize

All’s Well That Ends‚ Art At Cyclone‚ Melbourne

Finalist- The Fletcher Jones Art Prize‚ Geelong Gallery‚ Geelong

Finalist- Lethbridge 10 000 Art Prize‚Lethbridge Gallery‚ Brisbane

Natural History‚ Art at Cyclone‚ Melbourne

Anthology‚ Kiln Gallery‚ Brisbane

Group Show‚ Ransom Gallery‚ Eumundi

End of year show‚ McCulloch Gallery‚ Melbourne

Wish‚ Kiln Gallery‚ Brisbane

Fear of the Sea‚ McCulloch Gallery‚ Melbourne

Absinthe Festival‚ McCulloch Gallery‚ Melbourne

Jason Moad‚ Chris Pekel‚ Ben McKeown‚ Delshan Gallery‚ Melbourne

Autumn‚ Kiln Gallery‚ Brisbane

Finalist- The Paddington Art Prize‚ Sydney

Churchie Emerging Art Exhibition‚ Brisbane

Churchie Emerging Art Exhibition‚ Brisbane

Sacred Heart Murmur‚ Solo show‚ Dogett Street Studio‚ Brisbane

Maybe These Maps and Legends
Jason Moad‚ Stephen Feldman‚ Metro Arts‚ Brisbane

As Sleek As A Shriek
Jason Moad‚ Simon Turner‚ Metro Arts‚ Brisbane



23cm (W) x 30cm (H)
Oil Paint
23cm (W) x 30cm (H)
Oil Paint