My name is Joby Patten, I live in Maitland NSW. I am a Bundjalung man, and a small town in Northern NSW (Baryulgil) is where I call home. I have always been interested in art in one form or another. When I was younger I really loved to draw, then when I was in High School I had a keen interest in Visual Arts, in Yr 7 I topped my class and finished in the top 5% in the state. It was in around that time period where I picked up the love for Aboriginal Art. My Father Trevor Patten was also an Artist and that is where I believe I picked up my interest. I would spend hours sitting with my Father watching him paint, sharing with me the different stories of his childhood growing up in Baryulgil. I have been painting Aboriginal/Contemporary Art for the past 4 years now. Aboriginal Art to me is a way of staying connected to my culture, speaking language, and painting stories that have been passed down to me from family members. It is also something that my children have showed passion in learning, and I find this a great joy to be able to teach and pass on my culture to them through something that I have a great interest and passion in. Aboriginal Art

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2016 - Hurstville Museum and Gallery - St George Art Awards - Finalist
2016 - Mosman Art Gallery - Mosman Art Prize - Finalist
2015 - Purple Noon Art Gallery - Hawkesbury Art Prize - Finalist
2015 - Wupa @ Wanaruah Aboriginal Art Exhibition
2014 - Wupa @ Wanaruah Aboriginal Art Exhibition
2014 - Free Spirit Aboriginal Art Gallery - Group Ehibition
2013 - Wupa @ Wanaruah Aboriginal Art Exhibition


My Father - Trevor Patten
Uncle - George Williams
Cousin - Colin Walker
My Country - Bundjalung country, the landscapes, the stories, my family and my culture.

88cm (W) x 68cm (H)
Acrylic Paint