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Jolon Larter
Jolon Larter

Penrith, NSW, Australia

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acrylic paints and inks and possibly some other stuff on A3 paper


Portrait of one of my best and dearest friends, the one, the only, the incredible Notron!!! We used to go to gigs and get really fucked up together quite often until he moved to the other end of the fucking country, then planet, and had known each other since we were both young and innocent. Everybody should know someone as great as this guy…
The title came about after I got an old forgotten film developed and found a whole bunch of photos I had taken during one of our yearly pilgrimages to attend the Splendour In The Grass festival at Byron Bay where we meet up and witness some of the most awesome bands in existence…such as Mogwai. Spiderbait had been playing at the previous Splendour and I clearly remembered picking on poor old Notron for going to watch them because they are shit, so when I got the photos back and saw a pic of Norton with a big cheesy grin plastered across his face, quite possibly about to bare witness to the sheer horror that is otherwise known as a Spiderbait performance, I just couldnt help myself…I saw an opportunity to poke fun again and I jumped at it. Spiderbait had an album titled The Unfinished Galleon Of Some-Fucking-Lake-I-Cant-Remember (obviously not the actual name) so thats why the painting has such a stupid title….
acrylic paints and inks and possibly some other stuff on A3 paper


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