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Trinity Beach, Australia

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Acrylic on unstretched canvas
110 x 110 cm

This may or may not be a political statement - that is up to you.

I like to let the work speak for itself – my influences are usually pretty clear.

I like to work with large colour fields to highlight the conflict of something over nothing - quite a high concept which is difficult to capture - the work not only represents this idea - but also the surface texture and colour contrast act to speak for themselves simply as relics and evidence of the process of creation - evoking a story that the audience can put together on their own terms - using their own experience, history and knowledge.

I work hard to express my idea’s – sometimes the idea is clear, sometimes it’s not – how do you express a feeling in an abstract way, or one’s personal search for meaning? By creating art, I hope to get closer to an answer. But like so many lines of inquiry, am I asking the right questions for the answers I seek.

The work is simple, immediate and very raw - like all my art - it's rough and from the heart using strong and deliberate gestures to communicate a feeling, an emotion, a humanity.

The work will need to be stretched/framed to hang.


freedom, political, agitprop, abex, telcher, USA, trump, abstract