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Mission to Seafarers 2018 Finalist

and nominee in the People's Choice Award.

Jonathon Telcher
Jonathon Telcher

Trinity Beach, Australia

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Acrylic on Canvas


Artist Statement connecting the work to the theme of the 2018 ANL/Mission to Seafarers Art Prize (this work is a finalist):
The abstract work resembles an aerial view of the docks in any Australian port. These docks are the connection that many of us have to the sea. The gateway to boom or bust or despair or joy.
The title chosen for 'The Long Shot' is sufficiently vague to refer to a great many things, but when standing on the docks looking out to the unknown sea, everything seems like a long shot.

I consider 'The Long Shot' to be a significant milestone work along my continual development - it was difficult to produce, it took a considerable time to develop the composition and it is a work I'm very pleased with - I like it! 'The Long Shot', marks a transition period for me in that it signifies my new, deliberate decision to create on gallery wrapped canvas as my prime surface.

The inspiration for my art, and this work in particular, is de Koonings abstract parkway and pastoral landscapes and also Franz Klines works where he had incorporated colour such as 'Horizontal Rust', 'Blueberry Eyes' and 'Zinc Yellow'. I think I'll always be inspired and influenced by these two!

The work is on gallery wrapped canvas, artists grade acrylic paint and is ready to hang.


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