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Pelicans gathering en masse at Lake Eyre, as seen from the air.
Every ten years or so, the flood waters make it all the way down the river systems to pool at the lowest geographical point - Lake Eyre.

Pelicans fly from all over to gather, feed on the fish that fill this Lake during the flood season, and breed. To give an idea of the numbers it is dpoucmented that last floods 90 000 Pelicans hatched at Lake Eure, though how they calculate for counted that is a mystery to me.

I like the random repeat patterns involved in this; the shadow and light on the white feathers, the angle of the bill, the curves and lines of the black edges of the wings, and the shadows on the sand. It takes an epic focus and control to maintain the forms, but its worth it, I think.

David Attenborough is major influence for me. The camera work and aerial views of gatherings, flocks and herds of animals birds and fish, in his various series , is astounding,

Thank you for finding this work and reading this far! I find it difficult to price a painting. For me the important thing is to paint ( My bio gives the details of my situation) and so you are welcome to make an offer via the 'Ask Judith A Question' on my BLuethumb page.

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Quality Acrylics on primed Board, with an internal hardwood framework

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Judith Lanigan

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