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Julee Latimer

Melbourne and Venus Bay, Australia

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Acrylic and paper on stretched canvas


Legendary Lemuria, the lost civilisation believed to be hidden in the watery depths of the South Pacific merges with photographic slivers of oyster shells found on a pebbled beach in the UK creating a magical collision of ancient and contemporary. A cool, refreshing blend of deep sea blue, turquoise and teal.

Uplifting vibrancy and stunning colours come to life in my inspiring artworks that are infused with joy and wow. Dive into the eye-catching, bold optimism for total colour overload and a vivid jolt of happiness.

A series of vibrant fragmented paintings that abound with colour and pattern.
I am passionate about creating artworks that present questions about expectations of painting. It is fun to make works that challenge those assumptions and to see other people’s reactions as they too begin to think more deeply about their own beliefs. Having one of my paintings on your wall will always be a talking point and I tend to attract buyers who want more than a decorative interior accessory.
My overall aim for my artwork, however, is that it is vibrant and eye-catching and that its stunning colour combinations bring happiness and joy to those who experience it.

This work uses collage techniques to fragment and combine a number of different paintings. These paintings are pure, unsupported paint and are the result of developments in my studio over a number of years. I create the paintings on surfaces which allow for their subsequent removal. It is a lengthy process but one that enables me to satisfy my innate urge to chop things up and put them back together again. It also gives me the freedom to choose which side of the resulting fragments to show. Ultimately, this means that in each work you are seeing the usually visible layered and arranged with the usually hidden underside. I think of this as hiding secrets in plain sight and I find that a fascinating concept.

This is my largest collection and one which I return to again and again. Inspiration for individual works is often from Nature or from Mythology, yet, those initial inspirations play out in impressions, like fleeting thoughts or memories, and they always begin with a colour. I have moved countries multiple times and these relocations have had an indirect impact on the way I see the world, in fragments rather than as a solid whole. I think of my paintings as glimpses into various experiences, either real or imagined. From a distance these paintings are bold, striking and full of colourful wow, but close up, they reveal many hidden patterns. There will always be something new to see.

The work is on stretched canvas with a glossy finish and the design continuing around the edges so no frame is required. It is fitted with two sets of D-rings and wires for your choice of vertical or horizontal hanging.
On the back you will find the Title, my signature and initials, and the year.
This artwork is registered on the NRAA (National Registry for Australian Artists). This ensures that you are buying a genuine product created by a resident Aussie artist. Details of the registration is adhered to the back of the work.
The painting is sent with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Born in the UK and settling in Australia in 2005 after 12 international moves in 17 years, I feel my life has been a patchwork of cultures. This plays out in my need to fragment my work. I seem incapable of seeing a painting as finished until it has been deconstructed and remade in various ways. I have an innate urge to chop things up and put them back together again.
I have been a full time artist for many years, working across various mediums, including fibre and glass. I have been featured in numerous newspaper and magazine articles and am a published author with my book ‘Sculptural Secrets for Mosaic’ as well as writing for other art authors. I have also been a guest speaker and writer for Radio National in their series on Colour Theory. I have been represented and exhibited in New York and Italy as well as Melbourne. My artworks are held in private collections in the UK, Sweden, Italy, the USA and Australia.
Currently I am studying for my BFA with a double major in Painting and Sculpture, graduating in August 2019.

“I love your stunning paintings, I wish I could fill my house with them” (Malin, Sweden).
“Your uplifting works make a bad day a great one, I want to dive right in” (Yvonne, UK)
“It is like having sunshine in the house, no matter what the weather is doing outside” (Sylvia, UK)
“You fill my house with joy” (Sharon, San Diego)
“There is always something else to see” (Debbie, Tennessee)
“Your imagination amazes me, so clever, and such gorgeous colours” (Liz, Melbourne)

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